Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Mii

Fallen Angel posted the link to creating your own video game character..
Thanks Fallen Angel!!

I was gonna do one of myself but the girls hairstyles sucked!)
So here's my Mii: Rafa!


do0da said...


3ad i tried doing me, bes it doesnt really look like me, ya3ni la isha3ar 9a7, la ilskin color 9a7, i tried to get it close to the real thing but failed miserably :P ill upload it and post the link l8r so you can see :P

do0da said...



ithanya i edited it with paint =P inraqi3ha shway bes ham maku fayda the skin color is off shakli zalama :P

ZiZoTiMe said...

Hehehehe lol cute :P

And nice nose ;)

Anonymous said...

Rafa is looking really cool. Great one Aurora ^_^

Aurora said...

Do0da: Haha! Shfeek mi5tiri3?! I prefer the clean shaven one...go shave! :P

Zizo: Thanx! Yeah as soon as I saw that nose I knew it had to be that one or nothing! ^_^ Do one!

Fallen Angel: All thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice Mii ^___*

Aurous said...

The lines nearthe mouth kinda remind me og maroko's mom :P

really nice Mii :)

i_live_in_Q8 said...


yet, i have a question..

That Chocolate fount. Where did u guys buy it from??.. plz email me the place & price at iliveinq8@Hotmail.com... thanks

do0da said...


"remind me of maroko's mom :P"

Sha5bari Maroko !! baaaih 3ad ha9aif i cant remember which channel had it on o ham gi3adt a6al3a =P I used to always watch it ib bait yadity 3uqob il'3ada =P

Aurora said...

Little Astronomer: Thank you! And welcome to my blog =)

Aurous: Hehe, Maroko...sha5bari ?!
You're right though a lot of the Mii's do look like characters from Maroko ;) Welcome to my blog!!!

I live in q8: :) WELCOME! Sure thing..I'll inform you as soon as I find out from my cousin..

Do0da: Dude..what cartoon DONT you watch
hehe ;)

do0da said...

LADY LADY !! madri shisma the one about the spoilt rich girl ily uboha mat china o wadoha to this mukan where shay i9eer i hated that 5awati kila ishofoona oo marat i sit o at7al6am lol so i guess i watched that too oo then yea i pretty much watched everything :P

Aurora said...

Do0da: EXACTLY! ;)

Anonymous said...

seee my mii !! :D i have 1 tooooo :D

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